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 Application: Alwaysbaked, Survival Hunter.

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PostSubject: Application: Alwaysbaked, Survival Hunter.   Fri May 14, 2010 1:24 am

My main character is my hunter, Alwaysbaked. He is a survival hunter with a 5.5k gearscore(not the best, I know lol) I can pull an average of 8k+ in 25 mans. I also have two alt 80s, a arcane mage Frostyhaze, and a Tank/DPS DK.
I didn't hear about this guild from anyone. I noticed a lot of the peoplle I used to raid with in Dragons of the Sun in BC were in here, and I used to love to raid with this great group of people, so I thought that I would try to join.
I will generally be able to make these raid times unless something important comes up which usually will not happen. These times fit my schedule almost perfectly.
I did not play pre-BC. However, I did play in BC. I ran everything up to Hyjal, but I never got the oppurtunity to do BT or SWP. In WotLK, I've raided just about everything, but in ICC i've only made it to Putricide do to taking a break shortly after Plague Wing was released and just returning to WoW recently.
I was in Roadhouse before. As I said before I took a break about a month or two ago, and when i returned, Roadhouse had broken up. I was the main hunter in that guild and was in the progression group for ICC 10 man until I had to take a leave of absense.
I have read and fully understand and accept the guild rules.

Thank you,
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Application: Alwaysbaked, Survival Hunter.
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