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 Arethes application

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PostSubject: Arethes application   Wed Mar 03, 2010 12:58 am

1. What are the names of your most played character(s) on the server, and what are their class/specs? Please indicate which you will be bringing to the guild.

Arethes(DK) duel spec frost tank/blood DPS 5.2k GS in tank 5k GS in DPS (bringing to guild)
Daywick BM hunter (lvl 57)

2. Where did you hear about A Nightmare to Remember?
i know disorn, dargonelf and have raided with shadowdeathx.

3. Our raid time usually starts at 4:30-5:00 PM Server Time (Pacific Coast Time) friday through sunday. When are you able to be on?
thoase are PERFECT raid times for me i will most likely be able to make most if not all raids on sat-sun and and many on fridays

4. What WoW experience do you have (raids, pre-bc wow, bc, etc.)? (We wont accept or decline based on this, we'd just like to know) i have done ICC 25 up to saurfang have yet to clear a boss on 10 man. downed all ToC 10 bosses and all up to anub'arak on ToC 25. Just started playin in july.

5. What was your previous guild and why did you leave it?
i have had many due to not knowing WoW etticut at the time and last guild i was not informed about their no curse word rule so i was kicked. i am a GM on one of my alts also and left that guild to get better raid experience.

6. Please go to the guild's website: A Nightmare to Remember Guild Website. Please read the rules on the Rules page of the website. Have you read and understand these guild rules?
they are fine with me

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Arethes application
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