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 Iceroloze Application

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PostSubject: Iceroloze Application   Sun Feb 21, 2010 11:08 pm

1. What are the names of your most played character(s) on the server, and what are their class/specs? Please indicate which you will be bringing to the guild.

Iceroloze, Restoration/Elemental (only character I play)

2. Where did you hear about A Nightmare to Remember?

Seen them around and raiding with them once when I was in Glorious Legacy

3. Our raid time usually starts at 4:30-5:00 PM Server Time (Pacific Coast Time) friday through sunday. When are you able to be on?

The only raid time I can not 100% gurantee my availability would be on Sunday evenings, other than that I am open mid-day/evening/night throughout the week.

4. What WoW experience do you have (raids, pre-bc wow, bc, etc.)? (We wont accept or decline based on this, we'd just like to know)

In Burning Crusade I did all of SSC and TK and MH, Gruul/Mag, and the first 6 bosses of BT.
In this expansion I've finished all of Naxx and Ulduar(10man), and done the first 6 bosses of ICC.

5. What was your previous guild and why did you leave it?

I was recently in Glorious Legacy but left it, due to the fact that I felt the raid group I was in wasn't going to get far into ICC (people were bringing alts) and not enough members showed up for 25man. Plus there wasn't enough raidtime for the 10man groups.

6. Please go to the guild's website: A Nightmare to Remember Guild Website. Please read the rules on the Rules page of the website. Have you read and understand these guild rules?

I understand them.
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Iceroloze Application
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