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 Zila's Application

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PostSubject: Zila's Application   Thu Jan 28, 2010 2:05 am

1. What are the names of your most played character(s) on the server, and what are their class/specs? Please indicate which you will be bringing to the guild. Zila (mage - arcane/fire), Darshena (priest - holy/shadow), and Morphanna (druid - resto, moonkin) are my most frequently played characters. I am interested in bringing Zila over to the guild.

2. Where did you hear about A Nightmare to Remember? I have run TOC 25 with you guys when you were pairing up with Glorious Legacy on Saturdays. I still occasionally get the calendar invites. =)

3. Our raid time usually starts at 4:30-5:00 PM Server Time (Pacific Coast Time) friday through sunday. When are you able to be on? I have no life and am generally playing wow on Fri/Sat all day. As for the rest of the week, it depends on what I have going on at work. My priest is in Ascendance but they usually raid during the week and I only make it to a fraction of them. Unfortunately, they have very limited planned events on the weekend so I end up pugging raids during that time.

4. What WoW experience do you have (raids, pre-bc wow, bc, etc.)? (We wont accept or decline based on this, we'd just like to know) Joined WoW about a year before LK came out as part of and instance group with my S.O. and some of his friends. Never raided prior to LK expansion but have run most raids since it's release. I have done ICC 25 up to professor Putricide.

5. What was your previous guild and why did you leave it? I left Glorious Legacy for lack of progression prior to the ICC raid release. My priest will remain in Ascendance as I do like raiding with them when I can during the week. The hardest part for me is the 6:30p - 10p ST raid times which leaves me going to bed around 12:20a on work nights in which I have to be at work at 6am. I enjoyed raiding with you guys in the past and would like to do so again in the future, plus be able to socialize.

6. Please go to the guild's website: A Nightmare to Remember Guild Website. Please read the rules on the Rules page of the website. Have you read and understand these guild rules? I have reviewed the website and am cool with it all.
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Zila's Application
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